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First Server with AMD Interlagos 16-core Chips Reviewed

AMD announced its brand new 16-core Opteron 6200 processors today and we already have a review of a server with four of those chips, courtesy of Alan Stevens of ZDNet UK.

The server in question is the Dell PowerEdge R815 2U rack server, which costs £8421 but has yet to be listed (at the time of writing) on Dell's site with the new 6200 processors; in comparison, an R815 loaded with four 12-core Opteron 6172 clocked at 2.1GHz (and the same amount of RAM as the one reviewed) costs a staggering £8881.

In effect, the new Dell server gives you 25 per cent more cores with a five per cent discount. Server administrators will be able to opt for a low power Opteron 6262HE clocked at 1.6GHz or a faster 2.6GHz Opteron 6282 SE which comes with a 140W TDP and can turbo clock to beyond 3GHz.

ZDnet's review sheds more light on the hardware inside the R815 and its 64 CPU cores (which makes for a jaw dropping sight in Windows Task Manager).

As a platform, the Opteron 6200 is nicely complemented by some nifty features like hypervisor redundancy, redundant power supply units, Dell's own Lifecycle controller and remote management and a whopping six hot-swap fans.

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