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HMV trials new high-street tech store

HMV has launched a new-style store in the nation's capital, focusing more on technology like tablets, netbooks and MP3 players instead of the traditional CD and DVD sales.

With HMV struggling to remain profitable - and keep its stores open - it's looking to rebrand itself as a technology hotspot. Opening a new store in London to test the water, new brand 'techshop' will be focus on technology items and accessories. The move comes off the back of high sales of designer headphones at the outlet, perhaps prompting the rebranding ideal.

Opening in One New Change mall, the store will still offer a selection of CDs and DVDs though it will be limited.

HMV has said that a second store will be opened with a similar format before Christmas. If the pilot outlets go well, the chainplans to roll out more of the shops across the country. It remains to be seen whether this new line of outlets will exist hand in hand with the original HMV shops or eventually replace them.

TheInquirer quoted head of technology at HMV, Ewan Pinder, as saying, "HMV's remit has always been to give its customers the widest-possible access to music, film and games, however they want to discover and enjoy them."

"So our move into personal technology products, including through this new-style store, is actually a very natural next step for us that supports our continuing transformation into a broad-based entertainment brand."

It also focuses on one of the only profitable avenues for the firm in the past few months, with headphones endorsed by celebrities. Dr Dre's hit "Beat" sets can retail up to £350, something that many are willing to pay. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.