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Intel to Develop 'Thermal Design Power' Chips for Tablets and Smartphones

Rumours surrounding Intel speculate the company is redrawing it's road map to accommodate a tablet and chip range for smartphones.

These rumours started when Digitimes claimed that Intel was starting to develop chips for tablets to reclaim its place in the tablet and smartphone marketplace.

The report published by Digitimes stated that the introduction of Intel's new tablet processors may provide a challenge to ARM's CPUs and contain specific information about performance and thermal design power.

Digitimes also revealed the code names of the chips along with their size. Chips include: Silvermont, size 22nm, Airmont, size 32 nm size and Saltwell, size 14 nm. These chips will be exclusively designed for tablets and smartphones using thermal design power also known as TDP, PCs will be lowered to 10W within two years as the process of manufacturing the new chips is updated every year.

These plans will be put into action next year. The chips are expected to be released over a period of next three years, as reported by