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iPad 2 Rival Alert : New Kindle Fire 'Sluggish' Says Review

The first few reviews of the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, the first colour device from Amazon, have appeared online and possibly the most detailed of them, the one from Engadget, describes the performance of the hardware as sluggish.

The tablet shares the same system on chip as the RIM Blackberry Playbook, a TI OMAP4 SoC, a model that broadly matches Apple's Cortex A9 based A5 SoC found inside the Apple iPad 2.

But alongside that is 512MB RAM and a non-conventional, heavily customised operating system based on an unknown iteration of Android with Amazon's own software layer.

Both variations could explain why the tablet "never delivers smooth, seamless performance" according to Engadget's Tim Stevens.

The Kindle Fire though is unlike other tablets though. It is significantly cheaper, doesn't come with full access to Android market and, again according to Engadget, comes with some of the best, tightest integration of digital content in a mobile device on the market.

Amazon has yet to say when the tablet will become available in the UK and at what price. In the next few days, the Kindle Fire will face one of its most formidable adversaries, the Nook Tablet which also comes with the same screen size and the same TI OMAP SoC.