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Lenovo Ivy Bridge Ultrabook and Enhanced ThinkPad X1 Available Mid-2012

Even though the Lenovo ThinkPad x 1 is undoubtedly one of the best enterprise notebooks available on the market, it does not have a very impressive battery life.

On a video loop test, this notebook only survived for 200 minutes. However, the reason behind its popularity and success is that it is comparatively light weight and features speedy performance.

Lenovo is very quick to identify this problem and working to install an Instant Media Mode on the ThinkPad X 1. With this new Instant Media Mode installation, Lenovo is hoping to increase the battery life twice that of the current state which is very crucial for those who prefer watching videos or surfing the Internet.

Lenovo included some information in their PDF update document, published every month. Even though it lacks detailed information, something is better than nothing.

The company has confirmed that the Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks will be available around May or June 2012. Reports also say that Windows 8 is also expected to arriving in the fall of 2012 and hopefully they both will be featured on notebooks as well as tablets, as reported