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Meat Products Grown in Labs Possible in Near Future

Hunger for "meat" cannot be limited and thus scientists are looking for new ways to satisfy this hunger.

According to a recent observation, "Cultured meat" sausages as well as burgers that grown in labs in Petri dishes and not produced from slaughtered livestock might be a possible answer to many questions like feeding, saving the environment, and will also protecting the lives of a huge number of animals.

There is a huge catch, however, as the labs used to produce the meat will cost a good amount of money. The product may also take some time to make its way to the market.

Mark Post, a vascular biologist at the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, said the first ever lab-grown hamburger will be produced for 250,000 euros which is $345,000. Post also added that hopefully it will not take much time and world will be experiencing these delicacies soon, as reported on Reuters.

According to experts, the prospect of saving the lives of animals, water, land, energy as well as the entire planet makes this project worth trying.

Post, in a telephone interview with Reuters said, "The first one will be a proof of concept, just to show it's possible.........I believe I can do this in the coming year."