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New IBM Service Protects Company Information Accessed by Mobile Devices

IBM has developed a new solution that will help organisations ensure secure access to corporate data via mobile devices.

With the explosion of smartphones, many employees bring their personal devices to work and are increasing accessing corporate data from these devices, putting the data at risk.

The new IBM Hosted Mobile Device Security Management Service allows organisations to let employees access sensitive corporate information safely from smartphones and tablet devices.

The service includes managed services that provide policy management and user compliance monitoring.

The company says the service protects data against accidental loss and other threats like device and data theft, malicious access, malware, spyware, and inappropriate applications, as reported by tech website, V3.

Companies will be able to remotely configure employee devices to remain compliant with security policies, secure data when the device is lost or stolen, and give protection against spyware and malware.

"The BYOD trend creates real opportunity for employees to become more productive, but it also carries risk unless it is managed properly," said Marisa Viveros, vice president, IBM Security Services.

"The new service from IBM helps organisations protect their enterprise data while allowing employees to have the flexibility needed for today's work environment," she added.