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New Windows Phone 7 OS found running on leaked Nokia Champagne mobile phone

Windows Phone news website wpcentral has discovered a yet-to-be-announced Nokia handset known by the codename of ‘Champagne’, running from an upcoming version of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS, known by the codename ‘Tango’.

Wpcentral has published a post from information gathered by the ‘ ...i'm a WP7! ’ app, which often reveals new device names of mobile phones and even rebranded versions such as the HTC Ultimate – the HTC Titan, only under a different name.

The site as noted the new unannounced Nokia device under the name of Champagne first appeared on the stats on October 25th, the very day before the Nokia annual symposium ‘Nokia World 2011’, last month.

Wpcentral has stated: ‘ not much is known [about the handset] but usually once we find a thread and we start pulling, more information comes forward. This could be the Lumia branded for another country or it could be a completely new device--either option is plausible, but obviously a bit of us is hoping for the latter. ’

The site added – ‘ [Champagne] is running OS 7.10.8711 making this a Tango phone. (Tango-builds are thought to start at 8200 and higher) ’.

Windows Phone Tango is reportedly a minor upgrade, similar to the last ‘NoDo’ update and not the Mango release.

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