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Nokia releases ‘making of video’, for the Windows Phone 7 Lumia 800 handset

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has produced a video detailing the creation of Nokia's first Lumia 800 Windows Phone, with the VP of industrial design and creative director for Lumia UX design.

The Nokia Lumia 800 in-depth video documentary is nearly 8 minutes long, with exclusive access to never-before-seen materials from Stefan Pannenbecker, VP of Industrial Design at Nokia and Chris Linnett, Head of Lumia UX design and Kate Freebairn, Creative Director for Lumia UX design.

Nokia’s Lumia 800 builds on from the Nokia ‘fabula’ design language, which has been created to be used across a range of products that include the Nokia N9 and whatever is coming next.

The video notes the collaborative experience that fueled design ambition; reaction to the Nokia Lumia 800 at Nokia World 2011; the art of great collaboration and the technologically advancement that is and natural to use.

This is along with the antenna performance guides, with the design and materials used; early design studies and 3D wax models; techniques typically associated with metal work; with the physical design, the software experience becoming one and subtle design elements.

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