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Qualcomm to Lose HTC to Nvidia Tegra 3?

HTC will apparently break the exclusivity of Qualcomm by adopting the penta-core Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset to power a new handset, the Edge, that is set to be launched next year at MWC.

According to Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai from Digitimes, the phone will launch either in March or April and will come with Nvidia's chipset, which would be a blow to Qualcomm who may lose both HTC and Sony Ericsson as exclusive partners in a single year.

In addition, Microsoft has also confirmed that ST-Ericsson will also start producing chips for Windows Phone handsets ,heralding the end of the monopoly Qualcomm had on the platform.

Samsung Electronics, Motorola and LG have also adopted the Tegra 3 for their handsets and Asus has already shipped the first tablet based on the chipset , the Transformer Prime.

The new Tegra 3 adopts a similar strategy as ARM's big.LITTLE or TI's OMAP4, with smaller CPU(s) taking over from big ones for mundane and light tasks.

Nvidia says that the system on chip has three times the graphics performance of its predecessor - thanks to 12 GPU cores - while consuming almost two thirds less power than the Tegra 2.

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