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RIAA, Google Lock Horns Over MP3 Download Android App

Google is heading towards another round of war against Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on the matter of availability of "MP3 Music Download Pro" app in the Android Market which is designed to be used for downloading copyrighted music.

As per Google's contention this application can also be used for downloading legal files and till now they have not removed the app from Android market.

In the month of August, RIAA sent a takedown notice to Google regarding this app, that says, " clearly being used for illegal purposes, and Google responded that they were declining to remove it from the Android Market".

Even though Google has removed similar apps from Android Market previously, RIAA spokesperson accused that similar apps keep on re-appearing and that, "...too many apps created to harvest links to unauthorized files remain available and popular on the Android marketplace, resulting in widespread infringement of copyrighted works", reported Technorati.

Till date, RIAA has not confirmed whether they are filing copyright infringement suit against Google or not which they have filed against many individuals over a period of time.