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Sony Ericsson X10 mobile phone getting an upgrade to current version of Android on O2

Mobile phone network O2 has made public the former 2010 flagship Sony Ericsson X10 handset will be getting an update to the AndroidGingerbread’ 2.3 OS, whilst other networks saw the upgrade roll out during in Q3 of this year.

O2 released this news in a post on their website, from Stuart Hibberd – the Head of Device Customer Experience.

He has noted: ‘Within my team we work with all the handset manufacturers to make sure new software updates are stable, suitable for use and ready for our customers before they become available. Sometimes this process can take longer than normal, as our Sony Ericsson X10 customers will know all too well.’

The post goes on to state – ‘When we were testing the X10 Gingerbread update we found it caused problems with the camera, for instance –which made it virtually unusable.’

Whilst adding: ‘This meant that we have been delaying the update until we and Sony Ericsson could resolve the problem. I’m happy to say we’ve now been able to do this and the X10 update will be launching very shortly.’

And finishing off with – ‘The X10 was really only meant to work with FroYo but Sony Ericsson have managed to squeeze Gingerbread in and this may mean your phone runs slower than you’re used to. The update is irreversible, so this may be something you want to think about before doing the update.’

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