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'Tap and Pay' Included on 2012 Ultrabooks

Smartphone owners will soon be able to order any book on Amazon by simply tapping their phone to the Ultrabook. This is the next ground breaking vision of Intel along with MasterCard.

The two companies recently revealed they are working together to provide the customers with a way to make payments while online shopping by "tapping special MasterCard-powered PayPass cards" or simply tapping smartphones on their computer.

Incorporation of the tap-and-pay feature on the Ultrabook will not only provide convenience to users, but also attract major players of the market, for example, Google.

This technological advancement has two benefits. First, customers will be able to make easy purchases by simply waving their hand. Second, this type of transaction is comparably more secure. The credit for this innovation goes to Intel who has manufactured an extra-security Intel hardware named Identity Protection Technology.

Head of emerging payments for MasterCard, Ed Mclaughlin said, "It simultaneously makes it simpler, while it increases the security," as reported (opens in new tab) by CNET.

This tap-and-pay feature technology is called Near-Field Communication or the NFC and relies on embedded microchips. MasterCard credit cards and other credit cards as well as many smartphones including the Samsung Nexus S and new Blackberry devices have this chip.