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Two Well-Known IT Experts Develop Ways to Reduce Network Outages

Two Internet veterans have taken on wireless companies to deal with the bandwidth strain that is to come in the future.

With rise in use of mobile devices that connect to the web - smartphones and tablet devices -wireless companies are struggling to accommodate the flow of data. Also, as most of the data is hosted online, it is critical for companies to have longer up-time.

Recent outages, such as those suffered by the Amazon Web Services hosting platform, has rattled organisations whose fate is tied to these web services.

Arista Networks co-founders David Cheriton, a professor of software design at Stanford University and Andreas Bechtolsheim, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, believe there will come a time when these outages will increase and there will less gap between them.

The two have invested $100 million of their own money to design a new range of network router capable of solving data transfer problems without resulting in downtime.

They are not only aiming for better up-time and fewer outages, but introduce functionality that would help fend off cyber attacks.

"We think of the Internet as always there. Just because we've become dependent on it, that doesn't mean it's true," Cheriton told (opens in new tab) The New York Times.