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Will Google Music Service Launch This Week?

On Wednesday, Google has scheduled a press event that might see the launch of Google Music service. The event will be attended by Universal Music Group but neither Sony nor Warner.

Recently, Google e-mailed invitations for this event which will be held in Los Angeles and as per expectation in this event Google will be adding downloads to their cloud music service and also reveal social-networking features, reported c|net.

Earlier, another report confirmed that Google already signed a licensing agreement to provide a new service in collaboration with Universal Music Group. However, multiple industry sources confirmed that Google has not signed any such deal with Warner Music Group or for that matter Sony Music Entertainment. EMI's stand is not yet confirmed.

As per sources, Google is still in talks with Warner as well as Sony to reach to some amicable agreement. However, these talks seems to be heading towards two different ways as the music companies wants Google's technology, money as well as internet presence to give tough competition to iTunes but, Google is trying to offer first-class movie and music services to Android users.

Due to some past turn of events Google at present is not sharing good relationship with some of the music companies. In fact, Viacom is already fighting a copyright suit against Google and claiming $1 billion.