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Xbox Live Gaining a New Member Every Two Seconds

As per Robin Burrowes, Xbox LIVE's head of marketing, entertainment as well as social network services such as Sky Player and Facebook has permitted Xbox Live to enjoy some huge popularity.

Burrowes, while speaking at the London Games Conference, said that the popularity of Xbox LIVE and its userbase is rapidly growing and in the current scenario the service is getting one member every two seconds, reported Develop-online.

Ten years ago in 2002, this service had 50,000 users which rose to 35 million users towards the end of 2010. Burrowes said that launch of Sky Player, Facebook, Twitter as well as Modern Warfare 2 led to doubling of its userbase from that in 2009. Post the launch of Kinect last year; number of Xbox LIVE customer further hit another 15 million.

Burrows said, "We know already that users are resonating with the fact that the games console goes beyond its usual remit."

He also made an interesting revelation that 42 percent people use chat, social network and also e-mail to converse with contacts while enjoying TV or video.