Skip to main content Updated, Allows Xbox Live Gold Membership Auto-Renewal Cancellation

The revamped version of now allows users to cancel auto-renewal of Xbox Live Gold memberships.

Before this, whenever the Xbox Live Gold subscription was about to expire for any user, Microsoft automatically renewed it. But now, with the new, users will be able to switch the automatic account renewal feature one and off.

The software giant recently released a new, revamped version of, which brings in new features and services for users. Some new additions to the platform include Beacon, which allows users to mark the games which they do or would like to play with their Xbox Live friends.

According to Eurogamer, other changes introduces to the website include a user interface overhaul which gives it the look and feel of the Windows Phone 7 UI. The My Xbox section has also been replaced by a new Social section.

The website also comes with improved friend messaging systems and makes it easier for gamers to browse games and achievements. also allows members to search for TV shows and movies using the Zune in-browser streaming service.

Microsoft plans to introduce new dashboard changes soon and the website overhaul is a part of the update.