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CoD Elite still 'intermittent' as MW3 overloads servers

Call of Duty Elite is still not working properly, after the stat tracker's servers struggled to cope with demand in the wake of the release of Modern Warfare 3. Currently, Elite's service status is listed as 'intermittent' - and the company behind it, Beachhead studios, has released a statement to explain the situation a little more.

CoD Elite went down almost immediately after launch, upon the release of CoD's latest instalment, Modern Warfare 3. Since then it has yoyoed up and down, with Beachhead describing it as intermittent.

The latest update from the company, released in the early hours of this morning, reports that a few key improvements have been made. Title, emblem and weapon camp for 'Founders' have been made available. Beachhead also claims the stability of the console application and website have been improved, though it has said that neither is yet 100 per cent.

The real problem is the unprecedented number of simultaneous connections - and over the next few days this is set to be the main focus of its development, as well as increasing "the functionality of groups and clans in the Connect section".

Beachhead has also said that although it wants to release Android and iOS apps for the service, the extra traffic these options might generate would cripple the service further. Apps are still in the pipeline, the company says, but until the main Elite service is fixed, they will not be developed to completion.

Users still waiting to have their Founders' entitlements activated are encouraged to log in to This should fix things, though is the place to go for those who are still having issues. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.