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GiffGaff Brings Down Cost Of Blackberry Services

O2-owned mobile virtual operator GiffGaff has announced that it will be offering Blackberry services (which includes Blackberry Messenger, push email and Blackberry Internet) for as little as £3 over and above Giff Gaff goody bags.

This means that users will be able to get Blackberry services with 60 minutes and 300 texts for as little as £8 per month or 250 minutes, unlimited web and texts for only £13.

The offer, which will be available from the 24th of November, will initially be available on packages costing £10 or more.

Giff Gaff says that Blackberry Services will be available as a renewable add-on. Roaming on Blackberry will be limited to 10MB per day outside the UK.

It is quite interesting to note that GiffGaff, which is part of O2, undercuts O2's own Blackberry tariffs by a very wide margin. Unlimited texts, 1GB data, 100 minutes and 100 O2 to O2 minutes costs a rather steep £20.50 per month on a contract with the network provider.

Bearing in mind that GG runs on O2, users can swap O2 SIM for a GG one without any issues regarding compatibility. Similarly, you can swap your Tesco Mobile SIM for a Giff Gaff one as well, since both are powered by O2.

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