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Google 'Most Desirable Employer' in Recent Universum Survey

In a survey conducted by Universum it has been revealed that young professionals consider Google to be the most desirable employer. In the same survey, Apple and Facebook captured second and third positions, respectively.

In this annual poll of almost 6,700, those who participated had up to eights years of professional experience, as reported (opens in new tab) by the Wall Street Journal.

The participants were given a list of 200 companies from which they had to pick their choice; and were free to write any company's name which was not listed.

Almost 20 percent of participants voted for Google, which occupies the number one position for the second consecutive year. Thirteen percent voted for Apple and for 9 percent for Facebook. The US Department of State came in fourth and the Walt Disney company in fifth, according to the list published (opens in new tab)on the Universum website.

Chris Cordery, Universum's director of the Americas, said Google has, "established a very strong brand in what its culture is, in what it's like to work there."

Cordley also added that for young professionals Google is "compensating employees well and offering challenging work, but at the same time it will be fun and strong culture."

Universum published another list in September that engineering and business job seekers voted Google to be the most desirable employer.