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Google Music Screenshots Leaked Before Official Launch

Ahead of the expected launch of the Google Music service, a screenshot of the service running on an HTC Inspire 4G has been leaked.

The search engine giant recently sent out invitations for an upcoming launch event which indicated that the company is ready to launch a full-fledged version of its cloud based music storing and streaming service.

The screenshots, which give a great insight into the features that users can expect to be on Google Music, was posted by blog TecnoDroidVe.

According to the screenshots, which look legit by all accounts, Google Music will come with a ‘free song of the day' feature which, as the name suggests, will let users download a free song every day.

The service will also come with a recommendations page, which will give users information on music and artists similar to what they usually listen. Google Music will also come with a search page and will even tell how much a song will cost.

Meanwhile, sources have told c|net that the company has forged a deal with the Universal Music Group for Google Music but Sony and Time Warner are yet to come onboard. EMI music is yet to announce its position on Google Music.