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Hackers Adapt Siri to Run on Any Smartphone Device

For many users, the only reason behind purchasing iPhone 4S was Siri, the voice activated search technology. But now this technology has been hacked and can run on any phone.

Siri was the main attraction and point of discussion of the Apple iPhone 4S. Without the Siri technology, the latest iPhone is nothing but similar to the iPhone 4 device with just a little bit better chip.

Siri technology operates by sending data to remote servers. This is the prime reason why it operates on3G or Wi-Fi.

But, even though it is hard to hack, it is definitely not impossible - this has been proven by crackers at Applidium who managed to do it perfectly which resulted in the capability to use Siri's recognition engine in any device. An Android app can also be developed for using the real Siri,

The hackers set up a custom SSL certificate authority then added it to their iPhone 4S to sign a certificate for a fake "" As a result, Siri sent commands to the users HTTPS server.

It is unknown at this time if Apple will pull Siri from use on future devices.