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Did iOS 5 Update Cause More Problems than it Solved for iPhone 4S Users?

After the release of the iOS 5 update, iPhone users were hoping that the battery issues would be solved, now apparently that might not be the only thing they have to worry about. Following the update, some iPhone 4S owners complained of microphone failures, Wi-Fi signal loss, and cellular network reception issues, MacWorld (opens in new tab) reports.

In an official statement issued a few days ago, Apple's officials admitted that iOS 5.0.1 doesn't solve all the problems, although the update is considered to address "many of the battery issues".

Furthermore, Apple acknowledged to AllThingsD (opens in new tab) that there are still unresolved problems waiting to be dealt with, "we continue to investigate a few remaining issues," a representative said.

A poll of iPhone 4S users (note, this is unverifiable) by tech website Mashable (opens in new tab) asked whether their battery problems have been solved by the iOS update; over 50% claim it has not or is now worse, just 15% report it has fixed the issue, 30% never had a battery problem.

The update, released for the public on Thursday, promised not only to resolve the battery life matter, but also to add multitouch gestures for the original iPad, solve sync problems with documents in the iCloud and also to improve Siri's ability to understand the Australian accent.

While some of the users reported improvements in the battery area, others noticed additional problems cropping up. Noting also the complaints registered on Apple Support discussion forums, it seems the release promised within such a short space of time might have been too rushed, since it may be causing more problems than it offers solutions.

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