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Japanese K Computer Clocks 10.51 Petaflops

The K Computer installed at the Riken Advanced Institute for Computational Science in Japan has reached a milestone by clocking speeds of 10.51 petaflops.

According to c|net, the Top500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers remains unchanged this time but the fastest supercomputer in the world managed to break its own record to clock higher speeds.

The K Computer had entered the list as the world's fastest super computer with speeds of 8.16 petaflops, which was significantly more than 2.57 petaflops clocked by the Chinese Tianhe-1A that was pushed to the second spot by K.

Using all of its 705,024 Fujitsu Sparc64 processor cores, The K computer managed to reach record breaking speeds of 10.51 petaflops.

"The K Computer is the first supercomputer to achieve a performance level of 10 Petaflop/s, or 10 quadrillion calculations per second. In June 2011, the partially built K computer had taken the No. 1 position with a performance of 8.16 Petaflop/s," Top500 noted.

"Contrary to many other recent very large systems, it does not utilize graphics processors or other accelerators. The K Computer is also one of the most energy efficient systems on the list," the organisation added.