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LG tipped to supply iPhone 5, iPad Mini screens

The famous hatred for sub-nine-inch tablets held by Steve Jobs does not appear to be shared by his successor, with rumours circulating that LG is working on display technology to power a 4in iPhone 5 and a 7.35in iPad Mini.

Currently, Apple relies on Samsung for its display and processor technology - something the company is likely keen to change, given the pair's tit-for-tat legal tussling over who copied whom in the tablet and smartphone market.

According to a report from an unnamed industry insider speaking to the Korea Times (opens in new tab) - handily spotted by IDG (opens in new tab) - Apple is due to begin talks with LG's display division with regards a move to the company's products for its next-generation iPhone and iPad products.

"Next year's iPhone [is] to feature a four-inch display by LG Display, half an inch larger than the 3.5-inch display [of the iPhone 4S]," the unnamed source claims. "[The] retina display resolution will remain unchanged because LCD is currently being regarded as the right solution to offer value with better cost-cuts," the source added, nixing hopes that Apple would make the move to AMOLED display technology.

In addition to a larger 4in iPhone - likely the iPhone 5, due for launch next year - the source claims that discussions will also include the supply of display panels for a tablet device measuring 7.35in.

That's significantly smaller than the current iPad, and more on a par with devices like HTC's Flyer and Research In Motion's PlayBook - tablets of a size that Apple's then-chief executive Steve Jobs was quick to dismiss as pointless toys.

With a new man at the helm, that decision looks like it won't stand - giving Apple a handy bridge device between the comfortable but awkward to carry iPad and the pocket-sized but fiddly iPhone.

Apple, naturally, has not responded to a request for comment on the rumour, and LG Display is equally tight-lipped. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.