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Microsoft May or May Not Reveal New Xbox at CES 2012

Microsoft is rumoured to unveil the next version of its Xbox gaming console at the Consumer Electronic Show 2012, in Las Vegas, in January.

According to a report by French tech website Xboxygen, sources aware of Microsoft's plans claim the console will be launched at CES, which starts January 10, 2012.

The report claims the new Xbox, which has been dubbed Xbox 720, will be powered by a hex-core processor, an AMD GPU, and 2GB of DDR3 RAM.

Sources also claim software development for the console is being handled by a division called Loop; the hardware is being developed by a division known as Infinity.

Despite what the rumour mills say, Microsoft is most likely to unveil a new console at the E3 conference in June next year. Another piece of news that came out yesterday is that the Halo 4 will be launching for the Xbox 360 and not for the yet-to-be-confirmed next generation version.

Halo is Microsoft's flagship video game franchise for the Xbox platform. It's surprising the company won't use it launch its next gen console, if it exists.