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Like flight sims? Got £36,000? Then buy this...

The Ovo-4 from Virtual Fly is the ultimate toy for flight simulator fans - and it's now available for pre-orders from select outlets, though it'll set back prospective purchasers an eye-watering £36,000.

If you've enjoyed the cockpit flight simulators you sometimes find in arcades - and you have rather deep pockets - there's now an opportunity to put one in your home. Coming equipped with three 24in panoramic TFT displays in an enclosed cockpit that moves to emulate twisting, acceleration and braking, the Ovo-4 from Virtual Fly looks set to top many a flight fan's pie-in-the-sky wishlist this Christmas.

And unlike traditional simulators, the Ovo-4 promises not to annoy your neighbours with loud, jerky hydraulics or pneumatics - apparently, it shakes you about in complete silence.

There's no fancy software to worry about either it seems, as the simulator - and its companion PC cabinet, designed for others to watch what you're doing - come pre-installed with Microsoft Flight Simulator X (reviewed here (opens in new tab)).

Inside the cockpit are a wide array of dials, switches, levers and controls at your disposal, including pedals and what Virtual-Fly (opens in new tab) calls the "aeronautical finishing of the cockpit interior". On top of this, there's also what's termed as a "Smart lighting system", which regulates the light intensity inside the simulator, with night and day having their own light profiles.

If you're a little worried about getting stuck in the cockpit without power, there's also a safety feature with an "Uninterrupted feed system" that activates self levelling and emergency lighting allowing you to get back to ground safely - even if you are only a couple feet off it...

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