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Philips Launches First Ever Android Phone Dock with Bluetooth Streaming

Consumer electronics equipment maker Philips has dished out the world's first speaker docking system for Android devices.

The company released a new line of dock speakers compatible with all Android devices. The new docking systems launched by the company include the AS851, the AS351 and the AS111.

Before, strangely enough, no one offered docking systems for Android devices while there are plenty in offering for rival iPhone. The range released by Philips includes a large flagship speaker system, a small one and an alarm clock.

The company said that it was difficult to create a universal docking system for Android devices but in the end had decided to let users play music using Bluetooth. Philips has also dished out an Android app that lets users control the music playing on the speakers via Bluetooth reports TechRadar.

Philips has also announced its plans on creating a wireless system for Android devices equivalent to the AirPlay service offered by Apple for iDevices. The system is expected to launch in 2012.

The speakers come with a great design and are affordable as well, with a price range of £70 to £199.