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A Quarter of iPad Owners use Apple's Tablet Only Once a Week

According to a recent study, many iPad owners in the UK hardly use their Apple device; after an initial period of enthusiasm, they tend to abandon their tablet, with a number of them arriving at the conclusion that it wasn't worth the money, CNet (opens in new tab) reports.

The survey, conducted by discount website MyVoucherCodes (opens in new tab), relies on the answers of 1531 visitors. Less than half of the respondents (42%) said they use their iPads on a daily basis, while more than a quarter of iPad owners (26%) admitted they use their iPads once a week, and 10% use it even less often than that.

Additionally, 46% of the iPad owners questioned declared they don't think Apple's tablet was worth the price and would consider selling it. One of the reasons the UK iPad owners declared their lack of enthusiasm for Apple's device was if they could only use them on Wi-Fi and they consider a 3G model much more convenient.

61% of the respondents suggested they simply don't have enough time to use their iPad, while 27% considered iPads not to be useful devices.

The survey also reveals something interesting about consumers in the UK and Apple's apparent marketing ability, to convince them to shell out over £400 for a device that isn't in harmony with their expectations or lifestyle.

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