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iPhone 5 was Real but Apple Ditched it at Last Moment

Do you remember the frenetic rumour mill surrounding the iPhone 5 that never was? Analysts, technology writers and Apple fans all over the world were speculating about the next generation iPhone with numerous reports relying on various sources.

After the iPhone 4S release event in Cupertino on October 4th, we all thought the entire hullabaloo was just some bogus media/PR scam. But, wait... maybe there was actually some fire causing all that smoke.

Apparently, Apple did have an iPhone 5 in the works, completely redesigned, with a wider display, a sleek curved back and a new touch sensitive home button.

A new "industry source", in a report by Business Insider (opens in new tab), claims to have spent two weeks with an iPhone 5 prototype. Furthermore, the source says that Apple's officials changed their minds and decided to release the iPhone 4S, a tweaked version of the previous model, just three months before the "Let's talk iPhone" event.

In addition, the source also says the iPhone 5's display was edge to edge, the back was made of aluminium and the home button "was not a physical press button". The alleged prototype had a flatter body than the current iPhone and apparently had a screen with a messed up colour profile.

The story, as enticing as it might sound, should be treated with some caution though, considering the anonymity of the source.

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