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Sunderland Adopts Cloud Computing for Council, Local Businesses

IBM and Sunderland City Council have come together to offer IT services to local authorities as well as businesses through a new cloud infrastructure developed by IBM and hosted at the data centre of the council.

The new cloud computing environment would not only benefit the Sunderland City Council but will also support local economy by offering services to various local businesses.

IBM is ready with their design, plan, implementation as well as provisions for the new infrastructure and it is aiming at improved functionality to businesses without investment in infrastructure reported Information Age.

IBM has declared that this soon-to-be released platform will successfully reduce costs of operation by £1.4 million per year for coming five years and it is possible through lowered "hardware, software, maintenance and improved IT management."

During its few first days the platform will be supporting 4,000 end-users of the Sunderland City Council but according to IBM statement, "[b]usinesses will benefit through the ability to increase capacity and capabilities without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel or licensing new software,"

In a recent announcement the Council claimed that they will be the very first to offer city-wide "superfast" broadband in UK.