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Symantec Expands Cloud-Based Security Service to Include Microsoft's Lync

Symantec expanded its cloud-based security service to cover Microsoft's newest instant-messaging client, Lync. Users of Lync can now perform anti-malware filtering and exert security controls to block inappropriate contents besides preventing basic data loss.

Nick Emanuel, senior product manager of Symantec, mentioned that Symantec Instant Messaging Security does not need agent software or any other type of appliance on the premises of the customers. Emanuel also commented that Microsoft's Lync is "much more than just instant messaging," as reported (opens in new tab) by Computer World UK.

Further, Emanuel added after Microsoft's acquisition of Skype last month, Lync will become a combination of audio, video, and also IM client capable of having wide enterprise usage.

With this new development, identifying and blocking inappropriate content on Lync will also be possible. Symantec provides templates that are pre-defined in case they are needed. The Symantec service can also prevent data loss with its capability to identify sensitive information.

With its portal-based control panel, managers of IT enterprise can set up any kind of message logging and archiving required in their particular businesses for various regulatory compliance.

This service, offered by Symantec, will cost $1.80 per user every month, according to reports of Computer World UK.