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Trapit Introduces Discovery Search Engine

Trapit is finally launching their public beta. Trapit, which powers Apple's Siri, is a start-up capable of customising contents with the same technology of artificial intelligence used in Siri.

Trapit was launched in June 2011 with the purpose of personalising contents on the basis of URLs, keywords and also different reading habits. To describe itself, the company used the phrase "Pandora of content."

Trapit was a product of the same source that gave birth to Siri which is the $200 million CALO Project (Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes). In US history, CALO is known as the largest project on artificial intelligence.

From the days of operating as a private beta, developers have been trying to revamp Trapit's discovery engine. The biggest and most defining change is the addition of a "search" option which includes a search bar at the top of the web page.

Trapit co-founder, Gary Griffiths said, "You need technology to discover [content] for you," as reported (opens in new tab) by Mashable.

Griffiths also added, "We do think the web is shifting from search to discovery."