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Windows Phone 7 Attracts More Developers Than RIM Says Survey

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform has become more popular than Research in Motion's BlackBerry OS among the develop community, a new survey has revealed.

According to a joint survey conducted by Appcelerator and IDC, 38 percent of the developers surveyed were ‘very interested' in making apps for the fledgling platform, a jump of 8 percent from the last quarter.

Meanwhile, RIM, just as in the smartphone, continues to lose developer interest in its platform, with only 21 percent developers being very interested in the BlackBerry OS, a drop of 7 percent over the last quarter.

Apple's iOS platform continued to be the developers' favourite, with 91 percent of them claiming to be very interested in the platform. Google's Android platform on the other hand roused the interest of 83 percent of the developers coming second to Apple.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform has managed to shore up developer interest, which would lead to more apps for the platform and more apps would mean that more consumers will be attracted to it.

"Microsoft is enjoying symbiotic success with Nokia. When asked why developers are more interested in Windows Phone 7 now than a year ago, a plurality (48%) said it was the Microsoft/Nokia partnership," read the Appcelerator report.