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Windows Update Retooled for Upcoming Windows 8 Release

Microsoft is working to make the Windows Update feature in the upcoming Windows 8 platform more user friendly and less intrusive.

In a post on the Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft revealed it was working to reduce the number of automatic restarts required after a Windows Update is installed and also reduce pesky notifications that disturb users.

According to the company, Windows 8 will be able to consolidate all the restarts in the month and synchronise with the monthly security update which happens on the Tuesday of every month. This allows users to restart their systems once a month and be made aware of when it is going to happen.

Microsoft is doing away with repeated notifications that dog users after a Windows Update has been downloaded and ready for installation. In Windows 8, whenever is user is supposed to restart the system to install the updates, a notification will appear on the log-in screen that will remain their for three days, after which, the system will restart on its own.

"You will no longer see any pop-up notifications or dialogs about pending restarts. Instead, the message appears in a more visible and appropriate place (the log-in screen). The use of the login screen has become ubiquitous even in home environments, as more and more machines become portable," said the company.