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4chan back up, but imageboards still down is just about accessible again, but all imageboards remain down at a time users and admins are attempting to draw attention to American Censorship Day.

For the past few days, often considered the primordial soup of the internet due to its often shocking content and ability to produce memes with assembly line rapidity, has been down thanks to a concerted DDoS attack (opens in new tab). The culprit has yet to be officially named, though fingers have been pointed at Lulzsec as well as traditional rival, Tumblr.

At the time of writing, despite some sources reporting (opens in new tab) that everything is back to normal - including the official 4chan status page (opens in new tab) - all imageboards remain down, though you can just about access the site's main page if you wait a few minutes. This has led some users to take to Twitter to vent their frustrations and ask a few questions.

One user utilised internet/4chan speak to claim (opens in new tab) "I accidentally 4chan" - 'accidentally' being slang meaning to break or damage something.

Another (opens in new tab), taking a more Shakespearean tack, enquired: "Wherefore art thou 4chan?"

The timing of this site and its boards going down is ripe for conspiracy theorists to pounce on. Currently the US is embroiled in a turf war (opens in new tab), with technology companies like Google, Zynga, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Mozilla, AOL and others on one side, and the music and film industries on the other.

The latter groups are attempting to push through a piece of legislation known as the Stop Online Piracy Act (opens in new tab) (SOPA). This would give authorities the right not only to censor websites, but to force ISPs to block access them and make other companies cease doing business with the owners of sites found to be committing breaches of copyright.

4chan's admins and users have long been proponents of free speech and net neutrality, pledging their support for the American Censorship Day (opens in new tab)(ACD) campaign, which hopes to raise awareness of the SOPA bill. And the day this campaign was set to take place? Today: November 16th.

If you do manage to reach the 4chan homepage, you'll find a notice about ACD, but very few are likely to wait the minutes it takes for the page to actually load.

For updates on 4chan developments, the best bet is to keep an eye on the site's official Twitter account (opens in new tab). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.