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Amazon Kindle Fire Undergoes Rooting Process

Amazon's Kindle Fire began was shipped to customers only a few days ago - and it has not even been a week since its very first review units were deployed. However, this brand new product is already a part of the "rooting" process, thanks to iFixit.

This site succeeded in performing a 'product autopsy' and interestingly, there was nothing in the device that actually surprised them.

Categorically, the memory components of this device are from Samsung and Hynix with many other components manufactured by Texas Instruments. The inner part of this device is made of metal plates that add extra strength and support to this Android-based device, as reported by TG Daily.

"Rooting" an Android-powered device has become a very popular practice. And, with growing popularity and user-friendliness, is inspiring many casual users to conduct it on their own.

Upon compleing the rooting process, the user can customise the software the way they want. Amazon has released the source code used in the device to make it easier to customise. Definitely, this will add to the success of the device.