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Amazon Releases Source Codes for Kindle Fire

Unlike other vendors, Amazon did not take too long to release its source code of the Kindle Fire's kernel.

Amazon, on the same day of the launch of its latest Kindle Fire, also unveiled the mandatory source code details on Amazon source code page.

The codes was made available as compressed tar.gz file of 809MB. With the help of the source code, one can build custom ROMs and also tweak the operating system - and it can be expected that all this will be possible very soon with Kindle Fire.

There has been no confirmation as to whether bootloader of Kindle Fire can be unlocked easily or not, but as per the theory, there should be some problems initially while preparing the first custom ROMs, as reported on

Amazon's Kindle Fire was recently released with some amazing specifications and is viewed as a potential threat for the Apple market. With a 7-inch display, this Android-based tablet is available for just $199, which is far below the most basic Apple products available on the market. In fact, Kindle Fire's pre-order sales were a talking point much before the date of its release.