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AMNews: Android Ice Cream Sandwich is Open Source, Next-gen Xbox, Siri Cracked, Intel 4004

Google has open sourced the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich mobile operating system. By open sourcing the platform, Google has allowed manufacturers to take the OS and optimise it for their smartphone devices. Unfortunately, hackers will be able to create home-brews to make the OS work on their own devices.

Microsoft is rumoured to unveil the next version of its Xbox gaming console at the Consumer Electronic Show 2012, in Las Vegas, in January. Sources aware of Microsoft's plans claim the console will be launched at CES, which starts January 10, 2012.

For many users, the only reason behind purchasing iPhone 4S was Siri, the voice activated search technology. But now this technology has been hacked and can run on any phone. Siri was the main attraction and point of discussion of the Apple iPhone 4S.

Intel is celebrating the 40th anniversary of world's first ever commercially available microprocessor, the 4004. The 4004 was not just a microprocessor, but a landmark invention that greatly affected the world of computers.

Trapit is finally launching their public beta. Trapit, which powers Apple's Siri, is a start-up capable of customising contents with the same technology of artificial intelligence used in Siri. Trapit was launched in June 2011 with the purpose of personalising contents on the basis of URLs, keywords and also different reading habits.