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Anonymous email slams rogue group over in-fighting

An alleged Anonymous member has spoken out about internal power struggles, accusing some inside the 'hacktivist' collective of perverting its aims and pursuing personal grudges.

The allegations have been made in an email sent by 'Shitstorm' an individual claiming to be a member of Anonymous, to IT news website The Inquirer (opens in new tab).

The message follows a post on website Pastebin criticising an Anonymous admin group, AnonOps, for being too closed and no longer standing for free speech. Naturally, AnonOps felt the need to respond, with spokesperson 'Shitstorm' taking it upon him/herself to put the word out.

"AnonOps started a year ago as something great. A place where all kinds could come to try and make a difference, or just chat."

"However, even after the network first started there was a few kids who had a personal grudge... Regardless of what they claim, or say, this is what caused all this drama, a grudge carried from over a year ago that has since spiralled out of control... The kids on the network formerly known as love drama and attention, therefore they stir up all this to keep themselves in the limelight."

One of the accusations aimed at Shitstorm was that AnonOps was a closed off collective of power-hungry moderators, banning new users and keeping a compliant circle of IRC users around them. Of course, Mr Storm responded:

"Yes we have trolls, yes some stupid OPs banned noobs, sure there is some arrogant users. say we don't allow free speech when we ban the trolls, but when we don't you say we have too many trolls."

"This entire opening statement in the pastebin is a farce, if anyone goes to their IRC you will see that they are the most arrogant, judgmental, condescending pr**ks you will ever meet. Do not be fooled by their claims. They simply want to have control for themselves, as demonstrated time and time again. When you're only 17 like some of them are, you will lie to get your way."

Internal strife isn't new among the ranks of Anons. Earlier this year, Anonymous's operations were hit when former moderator 'Ryan' - Essex teenager Ryan Cleary, who has since been arrested by UK police on suspicion of involvement in various hacking attacks - seized control of AnonOps' main domain (opens in new tab),, sparking a feud between rival factions (opens in new tab).

This renewed outbreak of in-fighting comes at a difficult time for Anonymous, with the collective's original spawning ground 4Chan being hit with a massive DDoS that kept the site down (opens in new tab) for several days, and Occupy Wall Street movement, of which Anonymous is a vocal supporter, being ousted (opens in new tab) from New York's Zuccotti park at the same time as the imageboard hack. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.