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Apple MacBook Air Represents 28 Per Cent Of Apple Notebook Shipments

A report released by investment bank Morgan Stanley and backed by NPD data from analyst Katy Huberty, shows that Apple's ultrathin MacBook Air laptop accounted for more than a quarter of the company's notebook shipments during the six months ending October 2011.

The share of MacBook Airs in Apple's notebook mix, according to an Apple Insider article (opens in new tab), jumped from eight percent in June to a whopping 22 per cent in July, after a new range was announced which sported a new Thunderbolt interface allowing the device to be upgraded more easily.

Even though there are not may TB peripherals out there, Apple Insider points out that users can connect Apple's Thunderbolt display to a MacBook Air which brings both Firewire and GbE capabilities to the ultrathin laptop.

There is some speculation that Apple could be looking at merging its MacBook Pro range with its MacBook Air range, and essentially start to merge characteristics of the latter into its entire non-mobile range.

MBA was a breakthrough product in that it brought features like instant on, full solid state storage and abandoned optical drives entirely.

Although one may argue that Netbooks pioneered that trend, these were not powerful enough to be considered as full desktop replacements.

Désiré Athow

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