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Apple Meets with Environmental Group Over Suspected Violations by Chinese Suppliers

A local environmental group which had a meeting with Apple officials commented that Apple is planning to get a third-party audit firm to investigate their 15 suppliers suspected of violating various environmental regulations.

Apple is in talks with the environmental group after the tech giant was accused of failing to regulate and control the spreading of pollution by their suppliers in China.

Even though Apple's Beijing office did not make any comment regarding these accusations, earlier, they did say that they are committed to making sure their suppliers definitely meet environmental as well as labour standards, as reported (opens in new tab) by PC World.

The group has been conducting investigations over various environmental norms and earlier found 27 suspected suppliers of products of Apple have few environmental related problems.

Apple, however, has been taking these allegations seriously and is not only meeting the representatives of the group, but also taking various measures to control the situation.

Li Chunhua, secretary general of the Green Stone Environmental Action Network said, "What Apple has been doing is positive."

Chunhua added, "But we want them to be more open with their supply chain. They didn't do more in this area."