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Apple to Provide Fix for Batteries in Older Mac Models Running on Mac OS X Lion

Apple is looking into reports of low-power battery life of older MacBook devices running on the new Mac OS X Lion.

An Apple Insider reader told (opens in new tab) the tech blog he had received a call from an Apple technician doing a follow up on an Apple Care and Genius Bar appointment made by the customer.

"My (MacBook Pro) battery life dropped precipitously after the install, and the Apple support team was clueless. It kind of ended there, until the phone call last week," the Apple Insider reader wrote.

"I was told to expect a software update addressing the issue eventually," he added.

Earlier, when the customer had called Apple about the miserable battery life his MacBook was suffering from after the Lion install, support technicians were clueless about the problem. Now, after several weeks, an Apple technician called the user and asked him to perform a number of command line tests on the system.

He was asked to email the results of the tests back to Apple and was told that Apple was working on the problem and will soon release a software update to fix it.