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Dell blames poor quarterly sales on Thai floods

Dell has released poor quarterly sales results, but puts some of the reason for its downturn in growth down to the floods that have ravaged certain areas of Thailand.

With sales of 'just' $15.4bn (£9.77bn) in Q3 of this year, Dell is feeling a little mopey that things haven't quite gone its way. However, first things first: pass the buck on to someone, or something else. Dell is blaming the current global economy for its lack of growth, as well as the Thailand floods and the shortages of hard drives that this caused.

CFO Brian Gladden got out in front to tout these excuses: "Given the uncertain macroeconomic environment and the complexity in working through the hard drive issue, we are trending to the bottom of the range of our revenue outlook of one per cent to five per cent full-year growth."

However, Dell did react quickly to the flooding disaster, saying that within 24 hours of hearing about the potential problems, it stockpiled hardware in a safe location to protect its interests going forward. Evidently, this wasn't enough to deliver a strong quarter for the tech giant.

Michael Dell, the CEO of the firm, has also been discussing the situation, explaining that the situation is quite dynamic: "It changes every day. The floodwaters haven't receded yet. Our view of the situation is the challenge in supply is through the first half of next year."

Despite all of these issues, however, Dell did still manage to turn a profit. IT news site The Registe reports that even with the stall in sales, the company's operating and net profits are up 12 and nine per cent, respectively - equalling profits of $1.1bn and $893m. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.