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Fake iPhone 4S Jailbreak app Removed from App Store

Considering the supposed "stringent approval process" that guards over Apple's App Store, it is curious how a fake app could have been available for two weeks without Apple's team even noticing it.

To make matters even more perplexing the app was even called 'Jailbreak' (opens in new tab). For $9.99, Jailbreak promised users a jailbreaking tool for devices compatible with iOS versions 3.0 through 5, including iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Instead, however, users installed a game that had nothing to do with the promised solution.

The unusual disguise of a game in a jailbreak app was discovered by the technology website BlogsDNA, which it revealed on its Twitter page. The Jailbreak app was posted in October and remained in the App Store for more than two weeks.

It is still unknown how many users fell for the scheme and downloaded it. Later on, MuscleNerd observed that Apple had removed the rogue app.

In the past week MuscleNerd had warned users of another fake jailbreaking/unlocking tool which had duped a number of websites, called FastRa1n; that scam was much more costly though, as those who downloaded the software were asked to part with $25 before receiving nothing in return.

At the moment users have to be particularly careful about purported jailbreaking tools for iPhone 4S, and remember: you should not have to pay for legitimate jailbreak solutions (according to iPhone dev team, Comex and others).

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