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Google Voice for Android Updated, Now Supports Group Texting

Finally, Google Voice for Android is capable of sending multiple text messages to many recipients (group text messaging) with its latest updates.

Through the update that has been launched recently, users can "spam" others by sending every update of their daily events, Facebook and Twitter updates to multiple recipients. The free update can easily be installed from the Android market.

Lack of this feature was considered as a major flaw of this application as these days it is a standard and omnipresent feature in all latest mobile devices.

Now with this group texting feature the owners of Android tablets and smartphones can stay connected to multiple people at the same time. However, this feature does not allow the facility of group chatting.

This new version of Google Voice is also capable of prefetching voice mails to be listened any time without any data connection. According to Google, this app also improved notifications of text messaging. For using the function, a free Google Voice account is required to be opened by the user, reported