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Google Wins First Place in Vulnerabilities Report for Q3

Google has been named the software vendor with the most vulnerabilities during the third quarter of 2011.

According to a third quarter threat report released by security software maker Trend Micro, Google has replaced Microsoft as the company with the most vulnerabilities in its software.

Meanwhile, Oracle has risen to the second spot while Microsoft has been pushed to third.

Trend Micro reported the total number of vulnerabilities in the third quarter increased to 990 from 901 from the second quarter. Vulnerabilities reported in Google software increased to 82 in the third quarter from 65 in the second quarter.

Sixty-three vulnerabilities were reported in Oracle software, an increase from 50 in the second quarter. Microsoft software vulnerabilities fell from 96 in the second quarter to 58 in the third quarter.

"The increase in the number of attacks targeting Chrome may primarily be due to the browser's increasing use and popularity. The speed at which Chrome is developed, which limits the amount of time for internal and external bug testing prior to product release, may have something to do with Google's rise in the ranking as well," the Trend Micro report stated, as reported (opens in new tab) by GNT.