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Japan-Based NTT Docomo Spends 880 Billion Yen to Advertise LTE-Enabled Phones

To introduce the LTE network and LTE-enabled phones, the biggest mobile phone operator in Japan will be spend 880 billion yen.

CEO and President of NTT Docomo, Ryuji Yamada, declared at a mobile conference in Hong Kong, that up to the year 2015, this is the amount that will be spent, as reported by Reuters.

This company is the largest carrier in terms of subscribers. Earlier, the company commented that they are planning to reach 30 million subscribers of LTE by 2015 and also 40 million smartphone subscribers. This is their planned return on the investment.

Earlier this month in a canned statement the company said, "As a result of such growth, Docomo seeks growth in packet revenue of 1.5 times between fiscal 2011 and 2015," as reported by The register.

Currently, the largest mobile phone operator in Japan is facing stiff competition from rivals, specifically Softbank and KDDI, which are carriers of the Apple iPhone.

Docomo is a very popular carrier which has its own apps for customers. For example, e-wallet and their i-mode email service is capable of running on the iPhone as it has a closed operating system.