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Kingston debuts HyperX Genesis RAM

Kingston Technologies has launched a new line-up of RAM for Intel's latest CPUs. Making up part of the HyperX Genesis line, these newly designed Sandy Bridge E and X79-compatible modules are available in anything from 8GB to 32GB kits.

"Our latest HyperX offerings are specifically made to maximise performance in Intel's new Core i7-3960X or -3930K processors with quad-channel memory support," Stephane Rizzetto, product development manager of DRAM at Kingston said in a press release.

"HyperX Genesis for the X79 platform will scale new overclocking heights for extreme gamers, benchmarkers, content creators and enthusiasts," Rizetto added.

The largest 32GB kit will contain eight 1600MHZ DIMMs, with smaller variants of 16GB and 8GB capacities being made up of four sticks each. Prices will range from £39 all the way up to £190, with the cost of the highest-performing kit still to be announced. Default voltages across the line-up will be 1.65V, and other frequency variants will be available, running from 1333MHZ all the way to 2400MHZ.

These new modules will be added to the existing line-up of Genesis sticks, though the official product page for the line makes no mention of quad-channel kits at the moment. Current modules are available in single-, dual- and triple-channel offerings, with the largest kits available maxing out at 24GB. If you're looking for a RAM-heavy upgrade for your system, it's probably best to hold fire until these new DIMMs are available. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.