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Microsoft Creates New Licensing Model for SQL Server 2012

With the launch of SQL Server 2012, Microsoft will be adopting a new licensing model based on cores, the company revealed.

The company has announced that it is going to change the licensing model from per server basis to per core basis, backtracking from the commitment it had made when the first version of Microsoft SQL Server was launched.

The new licensing deal will make using the SQL Server 2012 much tighter as the money paid by businesses as licensing fees will be based on the number cores they are going to use with the software platform.

According to an article on Network World, the company said the Enterprise Edition of the platform will be available on a per core licensing model while the Business Intelligence edition will be available on a per server basis.

Meanwhile, the standard edition version will be available either on a per server or a per core licensing model.

Microsoft said that the web, developer, express, and compact editions of the platform will not undergo licensing model changes. The software giant, which just had its annual shareholders meeting, is planning to launch the platform in the first half of 2012.